cute giraffe tongue out photo


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giraffe tongue out photo
giraffe tongue out photo

That is a great photo of a giraffe with its tongue out! Giraffes have long, prehensile tongues that they use to reach leaves from trees. Their tongues are also covered in a thick layer of saliva that helps to protect them from thorns.

Here are some fun facts about giraffe tongues:

Giraffe tongues can grow up to 20 inches long!
Giraffes use their tongues to eat up to 75 pounds of leaves per day.
Giraffe tongues are covered in tiny papillae that help them grip leaves.
Giraffe tongues are also very strong, and they can exert up to 500 pounds of pressure!
Giraffe tongues are an amazing adaptation that helps these incredible animals survive in their natural habitat.